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Not Another AI Patent Article: Data-Driven Prosecution In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence

As noted at the bottom of the page (but worth repeating here): Any views or opinions expressed by me on this blog are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Oracle Corporation, its subsidiaries or affiliates, or those of Chicago-Kent College of Law. The information on this blog is intended to promote discussion--please contact a qualified patent attorney if you need any patent advice. It is presumed that the reader of this article already has a general understanding of artificial intelligence. If not, consider Wikipedia or your search engine of choice. This article is outlined as follows: EXISTING ARTICLES ABOUT AI PROSECUTION STRATEGIES SUMMARY OF DATA-DRIVEN WAYS TO IMPROVE DRAFTING AND PROSECUTING AI-RELATED PATENT APPLICATIONS METHODOLOGY OF FINDING AI CASES HIGH-LEVEL METRICS FOR AI CASES IMPACT OF THE 2019 REVISED PATENT SUBJECT MATTER ELIGIBILITY GUIDANCE LAW FIRM METRICS FOR AI CASES TOP CLAIM LANGUAGE CLUSTERS TOP CLAIM TERMINOLOGY CLAIM LENGTH CO